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Back then all the shaving gear had to be ordered from abroad and the instructions were to be found somewhere in the internet. There must be an easier way, I thought, so a few months later razormaster.com was born. It was the first web shop in Finland specialized in wet shaving and beard grooming and I had finally started to work on something I loved.

From the beginning the aim of the company has been to provide our customers with the best available shaving and grooming products, and the instructions. We have already made shaving an enjoyment or even a new hobby to thousands of men and will continue doing so.

Nearly four years ago we started producing our own Razor Master shaving soap, which has received excellent reviews from around the globe and now in addition to Finland is selling in 12 different countries. More to come.
All our soaps are easy to lather and provide nice protection and glide while shaving. There are 14 excellent scents to choose from; e.g. coffee, whiskey or some very Finnish ones like Pine Tar and Pine.

Buying from Razor Master is easy and safe and we will ship very fast.

Have a nice shave!”

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