Shaving Brushes


In traditional shaving ready-to-use shaving foam is replaced with a Shaving brush and a proper shaving soap. The lather from a traditional Shaving Soap or Shaving Cream washes away the natural oils from the facial hair making the shaving easier. The lather is being prepared from soap with the brush and distributed evenly all over the facial hair, which also lifts the hair up. 

We offer a selection of Boar, Badger and Horse hair Shaving Brushes. Badger is considered the finest and most luxurious hair type while wild boar shaving brushes are little less expensive way to get started. The wild boar hair is coarse and stiff, but the brush just gets better in use, because after 20-30 times the ends of the hair begin to split and soften. Horse brushes are positioned by price and feel somewhere between the badger and wild board brushes. Horse hair has been collected from living horses without harming the horse. 

1. Soak the brush in warm water for few minutes, so the hair will absorb water. Then lightly shake of the excess water. 

2. Load the brush with soap by twirling and pumping for approx. 30 seconds. 

3. Whip the brush in a bowl for few minutes to prepare the lather. If the lather feels too dry, add few drops water. If the lather is too loose, turn the cup upside down and let the excess water drain away. 

4. Spread the lather all over the shaved area with back and forth motion. 

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