Moustache Waxes


When you are going for a sculpted stache or you are just sick of your mustache getting filthy when you eat, mustache wax is your solution.  

Quick guide to using mustache wax: 

1. Choose an appropriate wax – the wax can be hard or soft textured, perfumed or perfume free. The strength of the wax should be chosen according to the style in demand. Stronger waxes enable a classic gentleman’s style and lighter waxes are just for keeping the mustache in line. 

2. Warm the wax – be sure that the wax tin is about hand warm. Warm wax is easier to get out of the tin and to mold. 

3. Scrape the wax off the tin – Scrape off a small, pea size ball out of the tin. Roll the wax between your fingertips until its warm. 

4. Apply the wax – start working from the center and apply wax towards the tips of the mustache. Apply the wax evenly from root to tip. Use a comb if you wish to separate the hair from each other. 

5. Style – evenly distributed wax enables you to create the style of your demand

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