Beard Care


Growing a beard requires patience and appropriate genes. Maintaining a beard requires right attitude, style and most of all high quality beard care products. Making the decision not to shave doesn’t mean making a decision not to take care of your beard so please be kind to your entourage and maintain of your beard every day with appropriate oils, waxes, balms and a shampoo. 

Beard oil: The first product for a beard growing man to get to know. The ultimate purpose of beard oil is to be a leave-in conditioner that protects, nourishes and moisturizes both beard and the skin underneath. Oil gives the beard a younger and more groomed look by keeping all the singular sticking out hair in control. 

Beard balm: Just like beard oils, also beard balms are made of natural oils which give the beard care and protection, but because of the cream-like texture of the balm they also provide little more hold. Beard balm is good for maintaining and domesticating a longer beard. 

Beard and mustache wax: The texture of beard and mustache wax is thicker and more solid than beard balm and therefore they have more styling properties.

Beard shampoo: Beard Shampoo is designed for cleansing thicker, shorter and coarser hair and the skin beneath. The main difference between a regular hair shampoo is that a beard shampoo is more moisturizing.

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