Deodorants and Colognes


For maintaining a clean and fresh feeling, deodorant is a number one product. Effective products of today usually combine the features of deodorants and antiperspirants, when it is possible to prevent perspiration and eliminate the bacteria that cause odors when in touch with humidity. Deodorant can also be used on other skin areas 

The whole package is being finished with carefully selected perfume that goes hand in hand with the style of its user. Eau de cologne is a widely varied classic from the 18th century Germany. It is a hygiene product meant to cleanse and refresh and add a good scent to its user. It is a perfume, which has a very mild proportion of perfumed concentrate, just 2-5%. Nowadays eau de cologne is being used as a after shave product, because in addition to the good scent, it has mildly disinfecting ingredients. Eau de toilette (EdT) is a perfume with 5 - 15% and Eau de Parfum (EdP) with 10-20 % perfumed concentrate. They are more commonly used as straight up scent perfume. 

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