Razor Blades

All of the razor blades in our selection are sharp and high quality blades. We make sure that some of them are the sharpest ones there is. At the same time they are also the most aggressive ones and less forgiving unlike the blades at the end of the list, that goes better with shaving beginners. 

Choosing the blade is a very personal experience because different blade and safety razor combinations suit different people. Here is a list of razors from most aggressive to most gentle created by Razor Master and Aamuajo  Feather, Croma, Rapira, Perma Sharp, Bic, Astra, Muhle, Personna, Voskhod, Big Ben 

Try different blades to find out which are best fit for you.

The more of same blades you buy, the more you save: 

2 packs -20% 

3 packs -25% 

5 packs -30% 

10 packs -40%

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