FfV Bárðarbunga - moustache wax - 15ml
FfV Bárðarbunga - moustache wax - 15ml
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FfV Bárðarbunga – moustache wax – 15ml
The Fit for Viking Moustache Wax is a light to medium-strength moustache wax that has been meticulously developed to allow you to not only style your beautiful moustache but also maintain its health through its blend of quality, natural ingredients
Our Bárðarbunga moustache wax packs a punch that is fitting a moustache wax named after this volcano that erupted last in 2014. When you first smell it then the scent of liquorice from the Aniseed essential oil hits you, then you notice the nice undertone of black pepper and clove bud with a hint of sweetness from the sweet orange.


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