Essential Tattoo Care & Brightness Kit
Essential Tattoo Care & Brightness Kit
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Essential Tattoo Care & Brightness Kit
The Essential 4 tattoo range is specifically designed to fulfil the needs of tattooed skin. The kit includes three products: Essential 4 tattoo shower oil, Essential 4 tattoo cleansing spray and Essential 4 tattoo protective and brightening cream. The complete range remedies against skin dehydration, helping to prevent tattoos from fading. Cleanse your skin daily using the Shower Oil, then apply the Cleansing Water spray to every single tattoo. Lastly, apply Eternal Bright cream to complete the brightening action of the cleansing spray. It can be used several times a day.

Shower Oil
For tattooed skin Delicate formula enriched with Oat extracts, Panthenol and Prickly Pear oil. ACTION: it gently cleanses the skin, whilst providing it the necessary hydration for a good maintenance of your tattoos.

Cleasing Water
Soothing and refreshing formula ACTION: it gently cleanses the tattoo-ed area of your skin before the applica-tion of the cream. It contains some special oils which are able to brighten and protect your tattoos. It can be used alone or in combination with Eternal Bright cream.

Eternal Bright Cream
Shining formula Triple ACTION HYDRATING, BRIGHTE-NING, PROTECTIVE. Active ingredients: Wheat Germ oil and Coconut oil, known for their protective power against direct sunlight. Prickly Pear oil, known for its hydrating and antioxidant power. Clove essential oil, known for its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Boswellia extract known for its highly soothing effect. NMF (Natural Moisturi-zing Factor)*, a natural hydrating factor. *


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