Essential Beard Care Kit
Essential Beard Care Kit
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Essential Beard Care Kit
The Essential Beard line exploits the numerous properties of essential oils combined with soothing and nourishing ingredients for the ski and beard. Sensorial properties will pervade your beard with noble notes of patchouli wood, mint and cloves. Natural ingredients to revive your skin and beard.

Essential Beard Shampoo
A delicate formula enriched with active ingredients with soothing, nourishing and purifying properties, for deep down cleansing for a fresh and healthy feeling

Essential Beard Balm
Intesne notes of patchouli wood and cloves, combined with the properties of the special active ingredients, including extract of incense wood and Brazilian roots, make this balm a multipurpose solution for your skin and beard. Reduces itchiness and irritation during the initial phase when your beard is growing

Essential Beard Oil
Ideal for beards more than 3 cm long. It structures any sor of beard, from the softest to the roughest, leaving it glossy and perfumed with no oiliness. Formula based on argan oil combined with almond oil, grape seed oil, apricot stone oil.

Essential Beard Wax
To model your moustache and control frizzy beards.


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