Dapper Dan Men's Pomade 100ml
Dapper Dan Men's Pomade 100ml
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Dapper Dan Men's Pomade 100ml

A traditionally manufactured, medium weight pomade with a mild pineapple fragrance in the style of the 1930s. The Dapper Dan Men's Pomade contains classic ingredients like petrolatum, hair nourishing coconut oil, firming micro wax and skin-protecting stearic acid - a typical, now forgotten ingredient of pomades of the 1920s and 40s. Made in Germany without artificial colors or preservatives. Vegan friendly. 

First of all: The Dapper Dan Men's Pomade is a pomade for real men of the 1920-40s. It is nothing for I-shampoo-my-hair-daily-and-then-the-pomade-must-be-completely-washed-out crybabies. Since a special feature of Dapper Dan pomade is that it is designed to be  - as in the 1920-40s - economical and can stay in the hair for days and even a week. And this despite frequent hairwashing. Ideal for typical hairstyles of the 1920-50s, such as Slick Backs and Pompadours /Quiffs. It offers, depending on the applied amount of pomade, a medium to firm hold and an elegant sheen.

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