Hey Joe! Matt Pomade 120g
Hey Joe! Matt Pomade 120g
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Hey Joe! Matt Pomade 120g

Hey Joe! Genuine Hair Pomade Matt" (Unlike the two predecessors, this pomade is not colored and transparent, but surprises with a rich ivory color. The fragrance is intense, but not intrusive, and reminds of a chocolate bread spread with a pleasant warm and light smell of hazelnut. The consistency recalls a cream and seduces to pick up a fairly large amount with your finger. But the stickiness after rubbing out surpasses many waterbased pomades on the market. Therefore, the Hey Joe! Matt Pomade should be used sparingly. Nevertheless, it is characterized by a smooth and outstanding application. In the hair it offers a firm yet flexible hold and is suitable for all types of hair. The main note is certainly on the matt effect of the Hey Joe! Pomade. It leaves the hairstyle natural and dull, without any gloss in the finish. Nevertheless, it keeps the great top in shape - which acts as if you had grown by itself. As with all modern pomades based on water, the wash-out is as usual, thanks to the contained chemistry: only water on the hairstyle and the pomade is completely out. This makes this vegan pomade also suitable for beginners.


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